Starcat’s Favorites: NaNoWriMo Forever

I’ve written nearly 40K words on my NaNoWriMo novel at this point, and I’m reasonably sure that I’ll make the 50K goal by the end of the month. The thing is, though, the novel I’m working on will only be at about the halfway mark at that point. So what do I do?

December is a busy month, preparing for and celebrating the winter holidays. I want to keep up the momentum on the novel, but will I really have time to work on it every day? Quester says I should just go ahead and block out time for writing every day, forevermore. It sounds like a good idea, that is until all of my other responsibilities come crowding in, looking for my attention.

Thinking of putting my writing first, for real, is both exciting and scary. Writing is incredibly important to me, though. It’s definitely my primary career focus. So, I guess that’s one of the decisions an artist must make: to prioritize their craft, no matter what. I’ll try it, and see what unfolds.

As much as I’m hooked on being a writer, I’m also still a dedicated reader. Here are some of the links I’ve found this month that are well worth sharing. Enjoy!

With all the wild speculation out there about humanity’s future, I loved this article about the new mainstream. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already part of it!

Are you an introvert? Here’s a handy chart that explains what being an introvert is all about. If you are one, you might enjoy these tips for managing your time. Or maybe you’re just sick of hearing about the whole introvert thing altogether (giggle).

No matter what form your creativity takes, you need to fill your cup from time to time.

A thought-provoking list of 10 choices you won’t regret in 10 years.

The holidays can be stressful. Here’s a holiday survival guide that will help you stay healthy.

One of my favorite authors, Patrick Rothfuss, is running his annual fundraiser to support Heifer International. It’s a great cause and there are fabulous prizes!

Remember to get your copy of my book Cultivating Self-Love: Your Path to Wholeness, now available in paperback! It makes a great holiday gift, too.

Enjoy your weekend!

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