How to Incorporate More Creativity Into Your Daily Life

Want to know how to live a more creative life? Ask your inner self. No, really.

I was searching through one of my journals, looking for some notes I’d made, and came across the following advice. It was from two summers ago, in 2012, and was written during a Full Moon circle. The intention of the meditation was to ask questions of your inner self. At the time, my first book was being prepared for publication.

My query was apparently about how to balance creativity with the other demands of daily life.

Reading it again, I realized that not only was it good advice, but that it was universal enough to share. I hope it inspires you and allows you to expand your creativity.

Dear You,

To address your inner questioning about being the one who organizes and keeps the family on track: sometimes you must simply let go and trust that they can find their way even if you’re more focused inward on free-flowing creativity. Enlist their aid. Let your needs be known.

Perhaps there is a way to do the organization ahead of time, so that you have longer stretches of time in which to live in your world of imagination. That’s why you’ve been drawn to going to bed earlier lately, to be in your sacred space without anyone having any expectations of you.

Let your art, your writing, be more a part of your day, without constraining it to a particular topic or purpose. As you do this, your connection will be stronger and your creativity will expand. Then you can do the work of organizing and editing the written work later. This allows the poetic side more room to play and explore, to spread its wings more, to come forth in a broader river, rather than feeling constrained to a stream or a trickle of energy.

Continue to reach out to others and make connections. That’s how your web of light, or your part in it, will reach a wider audience of people. You are already a part of the creative economy, the growth of the cultural creatives; you stand there as a peer, and it seems that your book [being published] will now allow you to believe it.

So continue to reach out, to offer your creations to a wide variety of other free spirits, and you will all uplift one another. These are your sisters and brothers in the light. These are the people you connect with, and there is no accident or coincidence.merlin-7616301

You are doing the work you’re meant to do, at the right time and in the right way.

Follow your feelings as to which actions to take. If something feels a bit off, set it aside and find what resonates. Let your days flow more, trust the process, and you’ll find that you’ll accomplish even more.

And don’t feel guilty for taking time to rest, or to have time to yourself. You need that as a way to recharge and replenish your batteries. Follow your intuition in regard to caring for your physical body, as well. Don’t judge yourself so much in that regard. It will look different each day. You are a creative being, and will always fight a regimented schedule. Let it flow more, and really trust that all will be well, and you will “get stuff done.”

Or if you don’t, then it probably didn’t really need to be done anyway, and that really is okay. It fact, everything is okay, and more than than, it’s fantastic! Blessed be, dear one.


Your Inner Self

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