Starcat’s Favorites: Snuggling In

As I write this, the snow has just begun. We’re promised a pretty significant storm, so we’re snuggling in and working on projects, and planning to sleep in tomorrow. Hurrah for a white Christmas! And for not having to go out and drive around in the mess.

We put our tree up yesterday, and we’re slowly decorating the house for our Winter Solstice gathering and the family Christmas festivities. Here’s what it looks like:

Our tree, all pretty and ready for celebrations!

Our tree, all pretty and ready for celebrations!

Here are this week’s goodies. No matter whether you’re hunkering down for a winter storm, or sitting by the beach in some balmy tropical locale, enjoy the reading!

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the things I’m enjoying is taking pictures of the cats being adorable. I’ve added a couple of examples, below.

Here are a couple of enticing and useful tools to help you get ready for 2014. Blessing Manifesting’s Self-Love Planner looks amazing! And then there’s Susannah Conway’s annual gift of the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook. I’ll be downloading mine soon.

I love this post on letting go of the victim mentality. Reading it, I could totally see how I do this in my life, in some areas. Time to let go!

A friend of mine, someone we met while attending unschooling conferences, wrote this great article on self-promotion for creative entrepreneurs. Love it.

Ever experience writer’s block, or the equivalent in your own creative work? Here’s some good advice on getting past it, or just letting it be.

I have a conflicted relationship with sugar. While I don’t think being absolute is helpful – all things in moderation, right? – I did find this post on alternative sweeteners helpful.

BlackLion has joined me in the gratitude project, so he’s been blogging his thankfulness lately. Check out his Den!

And, as promised, the bonus adorable cat pictures. Happy weekend!

Merlin enjoying the tree.

Merlin enjoying the tree.

Percy loves the blanket ElvenTiger just finished knitting.

Percy loves the blanket ElvenTiger just finished knitting.


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