Touching Base with Yourself

How often do you take time to touch base with yourself? I don’t mean just looking over your to-do list, or noticing that you need a haircut. I’m talking about some focused solitude, where you turn off Facebook and the TV and really listen to how you’re doing.

beachwalkIt’s something I forget to do sometimes, until it becomes obvious to me that I need a break. My favorite two scenarios are spending a quiet evening in my candlelit bedroom, and taking a solo walk on the beach or a forest trail. You can also take yourself out on a date to your favorite cafe, take a yoga class, or sit on a park bench with a sketch book or journal.

Listening is key. We’re not really taught to listen to ourselves. It can be learned, though. The idea is to relax into your own thoughts and feelings. Stream-of-consciousness journal writing is one of my favorite ways to touch base.

When you’re spending time with yourself, put the emphasis on presence, rather than input. Shut off your phone – yes, really. Put down the book and turn off the music. Let yourself be expressive and creative, or simply be. Focus on the present moment. Go deeper.

How do you feel, right now? What emotions are swirling around inside? What does your body want? Stretch and move if that feels good, or lie down and relax. What thoughts recur and wish to be heard? Let yourself daydream. What images are popping up? What gifts does your imagination offer you? What is your intuition whispering about?

Being alone with yourself, and truly listening, will give you much-needed insight into how your life is going.

You’ll discover clues that lead you along new paths to more adventure and fulfillment. You are the expert on your dreams, your life’s purpose. Listen carefully, and then take inspired action.

You don’t need to seek outside yourself for answers. You already have what you need, or know where to find it.

Look within, on a regular basis, and you’ll feel better. You’ll have more fun as you navigate through your daily life – if it’s not fun, why do it? You’ll have a greater sense of the meaning of your existence here on the Earth, and be in a better space to serve your community. Your creativity will expand, and you’ll discover what you most love about yourself. Blessings!

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