Starcat’s Favorites: Summertime, Summertime

“Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime…”

I love summer, and yet it often means I’m busy and on the go more than usual. This has been just such a week. There have been a lot of fun things: swimming, drumming, meals with family, performing, hanging out with the members of our performance troupe, dancing at a fun outdoor concert, and more. There were a couple of productive meetings, and time spent helping out some friends. Also the usual quota of work and housekeeping and all the things that keep our lives running smoothly.

Now I’m tired. So are both dogs – they are crashed out on the couch after a busy weekend. Perhaps after my blogging is finished, I’ll join them for a little Sunday-afternoon nap.

Here’s some fun and thought-provoking reading for you as you get ready for the new week. Enjoy!

As someone who’s loved reading since a very early age, I was psyched to see this article about the benefits of being a bookworm.

Here are some ideas for getting yourself out of a fearful mindset. Also, the Eckhart Tolle quote at the beginning is just perfect.

A fantastic article on dreams and how to integrate their wisdom into your life. Love it!

Myths as “divine riddles of the ineffable.” Yes.

Here’s a good article about the ego and the importance of having a good sense of self.

This post on abundance habits felt like a friendly pep talk. Go abundance team! We’re working on ours, moving steadily towards our goal for our Rethinking Everything adventure.

Have a lovely week full of joy and discovery!

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