Being a Rock

Solid as a RockThis year has been one of growth and transformation for me, on a very personal level. I’m flowing through my life with more joy and ease. Even when difficult things happen, I’ve been able to keep my center and do what I can to help the situation. My default settings have been set to a higher vibration.

Apparently the Universe thinks I’m ready for further growth. I had an astrology reading last week from a dear friend who is also a wise astrologer. It seems some intense planets are parked in my seventh house, the place of relationships and partnerships. This is showing up for me in the area of friendships – the alliances I’m forming now will be ones where we can mutually uplift one another in our life’s purposes.

That makes sense. I’m very excited about teaming up with a new friend, a fiction writer, to do a double author event this September. ElvenTiger and I are concocting a new project with an entrepreneur friend of ours; this same friend and I enjoy our periodic “girl time” dates, too. I had fun with the friends and family who came to our party this weekend. And there is my women’s group, and the people I play D&D with, and more. As I wrote recently, I’m letting the friendships in my life evolve naturally, rather than trying to force them into my preconceived notions.

At the same time, this means that friends I considered a key part of my community are drifting away from this shared space. The members of a once very solid group are pulling apart – not one of them came to our big bash. Some of them had previous plans, but you’d think the odds would dictate that at least one family from that group would have appeared. It indicates to me that we no longer resonate on the same vibe or share the same interests, especially now that all the kids are getting older and more self-sufficient. Which is natural – yet it still saddens me, more deeply than I’d thought it would.

Another bizarre thing that happened recently is that a well-known radical unschooling organizer and activist has had some very negative press from within the community. She is being either attacked or exposed, depending on who you ask. This is someone I respect, and whose events have been places of very positive experiences for me and my family. While I didn’t see her as a guru, as some people apparently do or did, it’s still confusing to read the allegations. I’m uncertain about the direction of the community, and how this division will affect the movement as a whole.

And those are just a couple of examples, without even delving into the realm of political and social events. The big Mercury retrograde probably isn’t helping matters.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, I find it useful to think of myself as a rock in the stream. The practice is to just be the rock. There’s no need to buy into or create drama just because things are changing. As Quester pointed out, when you uplift your vibration, that’s when stuff will often hit the fan. It’s like the Universe is testing my resolve. Can I keep my center, even in the midst of change and turmoil?

I’d like to think so, especially in the big picture. My spiritual practices and creative work allow me to ground myself in a healthy way. Exercise and time spent outside in nature are helpful, too. And ultimately, I know that I’m a good person, worthy of love and friendship. If I continue to be kind to myself and others, and live according to my ethics, to the best of my ability in each moment, then all will be well. Even in the midst of upheaval, all is already well.

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