The Joy of Lists

It’s a rainy day, and I’m doing some writing (how surprising!). While researching a bit of information for my e-book, something I knew I’d written about before on my blog, I came upon a post from 2009 that was made up of lists. Being a Virgo and having a strong love of lists, I figured that would make a good post for today. So here you go!

What I’m up to today: writing, making chili, practicing for my upcoming dance performance, reorganizing two kitchen cabinets

Energies I’m encouraging: peace, productivity, joy, rest

Things I’m grateful for: my amazing family, creative inspiration, good books, my health

What I’m reading: The Hot-Flash Club (hilarious), Blessed and Cursed Alike (fantastic, and by a local author), Green Witchcraft (informational), The White Road (entertaining)

What I want to learn about next: modern shamanism, geomancy, sacred geometry, more belly-dance techniques


Tell me what you think!

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