Starcat’s Favorites: New Moon

Happy New Moon! I had a weird week. There were lots of strange energies floating about. I often feel like I’m floundering a bit during the dark of the moon. Last night someone said that Neptune was retrograde, too; I’m not sure what it means, but it does make sense that something was retrograde. Yet I managed to have a super productive week in terms of my writing. I’m thankful for that. I’m having such fun writing Cultivating Self-Love (that’s still a working title, but I think it’s going to stick).

I have a bunch of links for you, so let’s get on with the show!

A friend on Facebook posted this article and I found it interesting. I’m starting to make some changes in my physical wellness and it is certainly food for thought (pun intended).

I’d love to eat more organic food, yet often the price tag seems intimidating. Here’s an article with tips for saving money on healthy eating. From the same website, this recipe looks so yummy. I have to try it!

Being joyful means being connected. It makes sense.

The lizard versus the wizard. Just read it.

I love this. What a great reminder and reassurance, in a culture that fears death so much that we don’t really talk about it.

What’s the difference between Reiki and polarity therapy? They are both forms of energy healing. Here are a couple of different descriptions, from Energy Matters and Bellas Bodyworks (I found these online and haven’t met the practitioners, but I like their summaries).

Like the author of this blog post, I don’t worry about my kids’ screen time. They also eat whatever they want, and they’re both healthy and well.

Want to help encourage your fellow creative folks? Here’s an article about supporting writers. Come on now, help us out!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and the increasing energy of the new moon. Blessings!

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