Starcat’s Favorites: Busy Caregiver

I did some research on archetypes recently for my Cultivating Self-Love e-book. During the process, I found this fun website where you can take a quiz to find out some of your archetypes. Please note, this is a very basic quiz, just to get you started – there are lots of other archetypes beyond the ones they list. Anyway, my results were: 33% Creative, 25% Spiritual, 22% Caregiver, 20% other.

This week I’ve been a very busy caregiver, and my creative side has also kept me hopping. I’m very excited to report that I finished the first draft of my new e-book. Yay!  Tonight is my dancing debut, as I perform with the other members of my theatrical belly-dance class. I’m also getting ready to have a yard sale next weekend, to help raise money for our trip to the Rethinking Everything conference. A lot going on!

Here are some links for your weekend perusal. If you have a nifty and clever portable device, then enjoy them at the beach or in the park!

Usually I put the unschooling links at the bottom of the list (for those who don’t have kids or aren’t interested in alternative education), but I just had to highlight this great article. A must read! When I saved it in my list for this blog post, my note was “freaking awesome!”

The world is changing quickly. You don’t have to let it freak you out, though.

Here’s a really excellent post about the role of mythology in the modern world.

Authenticity is not for the faint of heart.” Be yourself anyway. Let your fire burn strongly.

Some tips on diving deep into mindfulness meditation practice.

Six simple words to support a family member or friend and show them your love.

Blessings of Summer Solstice and the Full Moon! Enjoy!

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