Um, Wanna Buy a Book?

I’ve had some really excellent initial feedback about my book, Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living. It came out last month. I was really excited for the release, and then my energy just seemed to sort of stall. You see, I’m facing a steep learning curve.

In the publishing world, and particularly with small to medium-sized publishers, it is the role of the author to help with promoting and marketing the book. My publisher is great, and they have tons of marketing information on their website. They keep records of all the marketing they do, plus a big shared database of useful contacts. It’s just that this is a kind of unknown area for me. And the mountain of information has seemed a bit, well, overwhelming.

Rather than be completely daunted, I decided to just take it slow, step by step. I’ve been reading, and making lists of ideas. One of my big fears has been approaching local bookstores about doing a reading or book-signing event. Oddly, I’m not nervous about doing the events themselves, just the talking to the owner part. So I’ve been gathering information, and also energy. I’ve been using the techniques I’m learning in the online marketing class I’m taking, and the wonderful consultant BlackLion and I are working with has been providing lots of ideas and encouragement. I have a friend who wrote her first book last year, and she and her husband have offered their ideas and support, too.

In fact, that’s kind of how this whole thing works. You network (meaning – talk with people), you get the word out, you put yourself out there on other websites (like Kind Over Matter), and on social media. You do this every day, for… well…. ever. You believe fully in what you have to offer. You let go of expectations. You persevere, and let yourself be inspired and motivated by joy. And gradually, your book (or your business, or your service) gets out there to the people who need it and value it. Success!

So, dear reader, what do you say? Wanna buy a book? (heh heh)

Tell me what you think!

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