The Importance of Play

“When you become TOO intent to maintain your reality you lose it, for you deny the creativity upon which it rests. I am not denying the importance of true reason. Certainly I am not telling you to ignore the intellect. But you do often ignore the playfulness of the intellect and force it to become something less than it is.

“Many of you have daydreams in which you actually see yourselves as your counterparts, and portions of THEIR lives sometimes come through to you as you go about your chores.

“You pay little heed, however. You think that this is just your ‘imagination.’ The unknown reality is alive in your own psyche. There are hints of it in all of your experience. You would not be alive, in your terms, if first you did not IMAGINE yourself as you are. Play is, in fact, one of the most practical methods of survival, both individually and for the species. Within its framework lie the secrets of creativity, and within the secrets of creativity lie the secrets of being.” – Seth through Jane Roberts

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