Starcat’s Favorites: Meh

Had a sort of “meh” kind of week, after being so jazzed up and excited when the year first began. I guess I have a case of the winter blahs. Enough said about that (though I did write about it once I felt a bit better). Those of you living in a cold climate probably know what I’m talking about, anyway.

I did find this post on making winter a bit less dreary.

This is an interesting article on how we can reconnect with nature. Thought-provoking.

As for this post about how one culture faced their problems, I totally agree!

I think I need to really listen to this wisdom. Hmm….

I’m not the only one wanting to hibernate. I love reading about other unschooling families and their interests.

Happy Birthday to Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I found this tongue-in-cheek analysis of her astrological chart amusing.

Tell me what you think!

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