Starcat’s Favorites: In the Groove

I’ve been zooming along in the groove over the past few days. I had a lot going on this weekend, but I moved through it gracefully by going with the flow and taking a few minutes here and there for self-care. Rather than getting overwhelmed with all that’s on my plate, I just pause and do the next thing that’s in front of me. It helps that today I’ve been home, working and playing in my cozy home office (also known as the corner of the dining room).

This week was a good one for discovering links to share. So if you’re in a reading mood, get your fuzzy slippers and a hot beverage and dig in!

I’m taking this advice to heart and have already started to change my language a bit.

Another one for the people-pleasers among us: whose business are you in?

A beautiful meditation on grief and its place in our lives.

Being an earth keeper, starting right where you are.

I love this one, especially since my Word of the Year is RECEIVE. Lovely (thanks, Tania, for sharing it!).

A sweet list of spiritual-but-not-religious blessings for mealtime. We usually each say one thing we’re thankful for in that moment.

Are magazines causing you clutter? Here’s a good system for dealing with them.

Last but not least, I’m a guest blogger on Kind Over Matter again. Yay!  Join me as I explore improvisational living.

Until next time – have a peaceful and joyful week!

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