Making the Transition to 2013

Here are the tools I’m using this year as I bid farewell to 2012 and gear up for an amazing 2013. Here’s the plan (with links where available). Now I just need to find some time to sit down and do it! Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the anticipation of a quiet evening, a cup of tea, and blank notebook pages.

1. Re-read personal journals from 2012, and look over last year’s goals list.
2. Make notes and compile lists (Tarot cards I drew the most, how many books I read, what my favorite books were from 2012, successes and failures, ideas for the coming year).
3. Do Susannah Conway’s 2013 Unravelling the Year workbook.
4. (Possibly) complete the Year End Ritual process by Sarah Susanka (for the first time; I found it last year but haven’t dived in yet).
5. Choose a Word of the Year (well, I already chose mine…or it chose me) and do the Word of the Year worksheet by Christine Kane.
6. Meet with BlackLion about our goals and visions for Feline Dreamers this coming year.
7. Write out my intentions for 2013 and create vision boards and art journal pages.

Blessings to you as you begin the New Year!

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