Energy Realignment

Ever notice yourself getting stuck in a rut? Perhaps you’re doing the same things day after day, or eating the same foods, or getting bored with the projects you’re working on. It can be the same way with your body’s energy system. The flow of chi, or life energy, can get blocked, or stuck in a loop. Sometimes it takes some extra inspiration, motivation, or assistance to get yourself out of it.

This week I had a polarity session from a new friend who’s a student of the healing arts. It was fantastic! I’ve had sessions before, several years ago, from a good friend of mine who no longer practices, and I’ve missed it. Basically it’s bodywork that focuses on helping your energy system to realign and run more smoothly. I love the part where the practitioner puts crystals all along your spine. I purred when she worked on the energy points in my ears and feet. I don’t think my (very subjective) explanation of polarity therapy is comprehensive, but you can check out this article on the American Polarity Therapy Association’s website if you’re curious.

Anyway, before the session I’d been having lots of wacky emotions showing up, and felt like I was stuck. Afterwards, I felt more alive. I stood up straighter, colors seemed brighter, and my outlook was back to my usual optimistic cheer.

Then, the next day…a bit of a crash. I’m an empath, and I think all that openness let in a lot of other people’s stuff. I was getting all upset about people not getting along, stress in an organization that I’m a part of, all kinds of things that really didn’t have much to do with me. I had weird dreams, and woke up crying in the wee hours. Strangeness.

So, I took the morning to polish up my energy filters. A hot shower, some meditation, and my yoga practice helped me regain my equilibrium. Now I feel like I’m back on course, and rather than being stuck in a repeating pattern, I’m ready for expanded creativity, some new approaches, and more joy. The next couple of weeks should be fun. New things are in the works for Feline Dreamers, I’m working on some holiday gift projects, and best of all, I’ve built in some down time along with the holiday social time.

Take it from me, if you feel like you’re in a rut or the world seems a bit grey around the edges, get some help to refresh your perspective. Bodywork, a spiritual workshop, meditation, some wild dancing, a yoga class, or even just a walk in the crisp morning air – there are many ways to get a bit of a boost. Enjoy taking care of yourself. You’re worth it!


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  1. Agree that getting in a rut in “the worst!” I’ve been trying to do “stream of consciousness singing” in the car when I drive—and I use “singing” in the loosest way possible. Basically, I put on some toning music—Anders Holte is a favorite, but Taylor Swift has also made my list, so it’s your call—and then I just sing, shout, scream, yelp whatever comes into my mind. I usually find this to be so hilarious, that I burst into laughter and then return to my “toning.”

    It really gets the energy moving, the creative juices flowing, and makes me feel a lot better about everything.

    Thanks for sharing.

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