A New Family Member!

We got a new puppy! Well, she’s really Quester’s pup – he’s been wanting one for a long time. Yet the rest of the family is already enchanted by her too. Well, except the other four-leggers: Star isn’t sure yet what to think, Merlin is indifferent, and Percy, thus far, is pretty frightened. Not that she’s done anything to him; perhaps just the smell of a strange canine is freaking him out.

So, meet Aine! (it’s pronounced AHN-yeh)

Isn’t she sweet?

She’s named for an Irish goddess (Star’s full name is Astarte, so she’s a goddess dog too). She’s tiny and cute and still a baby – only 7 weeks old, yet her mom-dog had stopped nursing the pups, so they were weaned young. She seems pretty happy to be here.

Check out her “necklace” of darker fur. So cute!

She’s already figured out how to play ball. Look at the adorable wrinkles on her forehead!

She loves to play, then cuddle…

…and then, like the baby she is, Aine crashes hard!


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