Starcat’s Favorites: In the Moment

I’ve been enjoying this week of celebrations and thankfulness and play. It’s been nice to be in the moment and really savor what is happening. The bright chatter, bursts of laughter, and yummy smells of preparing the Thanksgiving feast. The relaxation and quiet of reading with ElvenTiger, lying on my bed together and immersing ourselves in a new world of magick and archery. Tender heartbreak and overflowing love listening to a dear friend share her wishes for her Celebration of Life party to be held after she passes. Lots of laughs around the table and the rattling of dice as eight of us (ages 13 to 45) gather for a D&D marathon. A thrill of excitement as I open my e-mail to an unexpected (and very positive) first review for my book. Getting lost in the poly-rhythmic drumbeats and the lovely song of a fiddle at band practice. The sigh of a quiet morning moment, still half asleep, as I write down the dreams that linger.  A tummyache as my body reminds me that she prefers the way I’ve been eating recently to the pie that I indulged in over the holiday. Excitement over an unexpected check in the mail, manifested in order to uplift Feline Dreamers into a new level of adventure and success. Dancing around the kitchen, moving my body (this body, not an ideal version, but the real) in an improvised passionate expression of the music.

There is so much joy. Even in the not-so-pleasure-filled moments, I am learning, I am present, I am grateful.

Here are some inspiring links to share as a new week begins. Blessings to you!

My book is coming out in just two months!  Here is the book’s very own webpage, and my first review. Yipeeeeeeeee!!! And it’s on Amazon, too, yes indeed.

Purple is my favorite color. I don’t need any reasons, but it was cool to read about the power of purple.

Continuing on with the chakras, check out the scoop about the Third Eye chakra.

I really enjoyed this article about the distinction between the ego’s perspective versus the spirit’s perspective. It rings true to me.

This one hit home, too. Facing our discomfort is much more helpful than running from it. And we’ll have to face it anyway, in the long run.

Lastly, this post speaks to some work I’ve been doing over the past several months. Self-love and self-acceptance is such a powerful practice!

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