Mid-Week Missive

I’m just stopping in to say hello. It’s been a full but fun week so far. Our Full Moon gathering last night was fantastic! Our circle members honored the Venus transit across the sun, as well as celebrating the Full Moon. We plumbed our depths and listened to the voices of our intuition. Mine had a lot to say, and it was useful advice about the flow of my life, enhancing my creativity, and balancing all the plates I have spinning in the air right now. I thought it was very cool that it started to rain just as we were diving into our personal waters, and then by the end of circle it had cleared off enough to see the moon!

This morning, besides doing my daily practice, I’ve been making split pea soup with Quester (it smells SO good), creating a card for a friend who’s recovering from surgery, and brainstorming with BlackLion to come up with some new ideas to implement for Feline Dreamers. I’m thankful for all the inspiration and support I’m receiving right now. And still so jazzed about the book!

I hope your day is filled with simple pleasures and huge bursts of love.

Tell me what you think!

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