Book Work and Hiking

Today, thanks to a conversation with a friend who asked just the right question, I reserved the domain name for a new website. I was telling him about my book contract, and he wanted to know if I had a website for it yet. Aha! I didn’t, but I soon will. I reserved (don’t visit just yet, it’s still a blank canvas) as soon as I got home. One of BlackLion’s favorite tools for living your dreams is that if you have an inspired idea, act on it right away, even if it’s just a small step. So I did! As well as a place to promote and sell the book, I’m thinking I’ll also use that site to host this blog – once I get it built, that is. It’s starting to take shape in my head already. I’m no graphic designer, but I do have a feel for what sort of “look” I want. It’ll be fun to dream about it for a while.

Book work this week has consisted of asking for endorsements. You know, the blurbs on the back cover that entice you to open the tome? Or at any rate, entice bookstore owners to put the book on their shelves. I have three authors who have said yes, and a couple more very promising contacts. I’ll tell you more once things are firmed up. It’s been so exciting to do stuff towards the book! It’s like, now that my childhood dream of being published is underway, the opportunities to succeed as an author are multiplying! I think I blasted past an old belief, into a whole new realm of possibilities.

So, next is some time in nature, with one of my favorite people. Quester and I are heading up north to celebrate our anniversary, starting tomorrow. Last weekend I had a chance to sit in a lovely park full of oaks and do my journal writing for the day (while waiting for our outdoor drum practice to get underway). It was so refreshing and delightful, and it reminded me that perhaps I’ve been indoors too much this spring. This week we’re going to do some hiking, probably sit around a campfire, and just enjoy nature and each other’s company. I’m very thankful!

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