In This Moment

What are you doing this very moment? I know, reading a blog on a screen, sort of obvious really. But where are you? How does your body feel? Is your spine aligned? What is the tone of your thoughts? the hue of your emotions? Have you noticed the weather outside?

Stop. I see you there, reading through to get to the point, ready to move on to the next blog, check your Facebook page, get back to your to-do list. Please, just give it 90 seconds. Set a timer if you wish. Only 90 seconds, right now, to pause and just be.

Get comfortable in your seat. Observe the flow of your breath, the motion of the living world around you. If your mind keeps chattering on, simply let it. You can close your eyes if it helps you focus, or leave them open if you prefer. Just sit there. Tap into the part of yourself that notices you are thinking, notices you are alive, notices the subtle nuances of your inner world. Try it, and see how you feel. Try it again in an hour or two. And perhaps tomorrow as well!

This very simple practice of tapping into a brief moment of mindfulness has had such a beautifully profound influence on my life of late. By deliberately being present, and returning to it again and again, I’ve created the space for more happiness, success, and fulfillment in my life. So I wanted to share it with you on this gorgeous day in the multiverse. Blessings, my friends!

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