The Merlin Report

We got a good report on Merlin cat at the vet this morning! His jaw is staying in place and healing well, so no further surgery is necessary. YAY!!! We just have to check the wire, which is around his bottom teeth, to make sure it continues to stay in place. He’ll get it removed in four or five weeks.

His “cage rest” (bed rest) continues for another week, then after that he can move around the house. The doc said that if he seems stiff or sore after we let him roam around the house and use the stairs, then he should go “back in the hole” for another week. Heh. He seems to be moving around better now, so I think his pelvis is healing.

He was very feisty this morning and didn’t want to be in the box heading to the vet. He had this adorable mew-growl thing going on, and was poking his paws out. He didn’t feel well enough to do that before, so that’s a good sign too.

Thanks SO much for all the prayers, good wishes, and healing energies for our beloved feline family member! I’m so grateful and feel so blessed.


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