Survey Says…

As a Virgo, I love filling out surveys. I know, it’s kind of odd. I even love those just-for-fun survey type things that get passed around on e-mail every so often. It’s just about the only type of e-mail forward I’ll take part in, unless I’m feeling insecure and pass one along to avoid the curse that comes with some of them. I wish they wouldn’t do that. But I digress.

So imagine my excitement now that BlackLion and I have just created our first survey for Feline Dreamers, using Survey Monkey! What’s even better than taking a survey? Creating one and then checking out the results!

If you’re interested in personal growth and spirituality, and enjoy filling out surveys (or perhaps don’t mind giving up a couple of minutes of your time to help us out), please click here. We’re using the replies to craft the offerings and wares we create for you in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks! And blessings to you whether you play along or not. No curses here!

Tell me what you think!

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