A Taste of Freedom

We were finally able to let Merlin have free roam of the house. He still can’t go outside for a few weeks, until the wires come out of his jaw, but he seems content to have more space to roam. He asked to go out once, rather politely, but was fine when we told him he had to stay inside.

He’s been exploring a bit, and finding new places to nap. He and his brother did some snuggling, something they haven’t done much since they were kittens. So adorable!

We’re supposed to keep an eye on him and see if he seems sore or stiff, or limps at all, now that he has access to stairs. If he does seem sore, as the vet said, he goes “back in the hole for another week.” I’m hoping he’ll be just fine and can enjoy his greater freedom. Maybe he’ll even sleep under the Christmas tree, like Percy does.

Tell me what you think!

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