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A few years ago I went to the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and since then (well, before then, too, I guess) I’ve been on their mailing list. Today in my e-mail inbox was their November e-newsletter. I don’t always read it, but the title caught my attention: “Beginning Your Not So Big Life.” It refers to the title of a book by author Sarah Susanka, who also wrote the newsletter article. I’m not sure why it was so intriguing, but I read the related article, which led me to visit the author’s website. The article had said to click on the Chapter 11 tab when I got there.

The first thing I saw when I got to that sub-page was a poem by Rumi. I recognized it immediately as the poem that had been made into a chant by the teacher of the Iron Pentacle workshop I took last November. With the music playing in my head (“don’t go back to sleep, don’t go back to sleep”) and a buoyant feeling in my heart, I downloaded the .pdf file, figuring if there was ever a positive sign from the Universe, this was it! I mean, Iron Pentacle was such an amazing experience, as was my trip to Kripalu. They both contributed greatly to my spiritual growth, and brought me a lot of joy in the process.

I love these chains of synchronicity that lead to cool new tools! I haven’t tried this one yet, but it sounds like it’ll be right up my alley. And it’s just the kind of thing I was looking for, to use for this quieter, more reflective time of year. Thanks, Universe! I love you!


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  1. I just caught up on about 5 months of your blog <3 How wonderful to feel so closely connected to you again! Whenever I read your blog, I feel so at home. I just know when we get there, we are just going to sink into your beautiful life and be easily cozy :) Keep sharing! I love reading! I love YOU!!!

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