Family at Rest

We’ve been enjoying a quiet weekend at home, and I’m thankful. After our busy October, we’ve needed to be here and reclaim the house, de-clutter, and do some extra cleaning. We’ve also made enchiladas, and more sourdough bread, and I’m about to put on some spaghetti sauce for tonight’s dinner. There’s laundry in process.

We’ve been listening to music, including this week’s wonderful bluegrassy episode of A Prairie Home Companion. We’ve played Skip-Bo and Rummikub, and Quester has been cleaning up the yard a bit, with help from ElvenTiger. I’ve gotten some work done for Feline Dreamers, as well as some further food planning for the next family potluck. Dryst and I are planning the next round of academic work he wants to do. There’s definitely been some sleeping in, as well, and some reading, and X-Box playing, and watching movies on Netflix.

BlackLion and I have a drum rehearsal this evening with the rest of the Dark Follies Orchestra. Other than that, we’re all just taking it easy this weekend, a family at rest.

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