Diving In

Wow. I guess I’m diving in deep to the dark of the year. I set my intention to turn inward, and boy did I! I’m not complaining, but things that are part of my normal routine have been seeming very intense this week.

I hung out with my friends at homeschool group last night, and while I did have fun, I came away feeling sort of psychically bruised, just from all the different energies and opinions and views. Today our homeschool co-op, which I also love, was particularly overwhelming. 65 families with over 150 kids can do that to anyone, but I guess usually I’m better prepared. Simple errands and household tasks seem a bit over the top, too.

I think I dropped the filters I’d been using during my Freaking Busy time. Or maybe it’s that it’s day three of my giving up sugar. I haven’t been craving it at all (which is different), but it might still be affecting my emotions somehow.

The really good thing is that I’ve been able to easily re-center myself when I notice I’m frazzled or stressed. A few deep breaths, a bit of time writing in my journal, and just a reminder of inner relaxation (“let go of the clenching” “all is well”) have done the trick. And these feelings of being overwhelmed aren’t the whole story, either. I’ve also felt more inspired to be creative, and have been having a blast focusing on various projects. It must be almost time to start the cutout cards!

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