Sunny Autumn Sunday

I spent most of the day sitting at a soccer tournament, watching ElvenTiger’s team play (or waiting for them to start playing). Unlike the usual things we find ourselves doing during the October tournament, like snuggling in sweatshirts and blankets, and consuming large quantities of hot chocolate, today we were all in shorts and t-shirts. It’s been a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend. A great weekend to spend time outdoors, and I’m glad.

Even so, though, I can feel the seasons shifting. The days are much shorter, and the breezes cooler. Before this mini-heat wave, the nights were getting downright cold, and we experienced our first frost. We also turned the heat on last week for the first time. The waxing moon was brilliant last night, and gave an air of mystery to the October skies.

Even though winter isn’t my favorite thing ever (I don’t like the cold), I really enjoy this time of year. I like seeing the Earth getting ready to go to bed, and the trees dropping their leaves as they ready to dream the winter months away. I like the foods of autumn: harvest veggie soup, hearty chili, homemade breads, and cider. I love apples and pumpkins and seeing the wild turkeys in the field. I notice the turn of the Wheel of the Year, and I’m thankful. Blessed Be!

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