End of Soccer Season

Today Dryst has his final soccer game of the season. He’s been playing on the junior varsity team for the local high school. Dryst has been playing soccer since he was six. He loves it with a fierce passion, though he’s getting tired of playing in this school district, because his team rarely wins. I think it’s a combination of being a rural area with less population than some of the surrounding teams, and being in an area that focuses heavily on the other kind of football. He’s making the best of it, though, and wants all the playing time he can get. He’ll be starting indoor soccer in a few weeks, which will take him through the winter. Then there’s lacrosse in the spring, and perhaps spring soccer if we can find a team.

ElvenTiger had her last scheduled game this past weekend, though she may still have a playoff game or two (not many, as she too is in the aforementioned district, though on a travel team, not a school team). She’s played since she was five, following in her brother’s footsteps, and her interest in soccer is winding down. I think this may be her last season. She said she isn’t interested in indoor soccer over the winter, and declined to play for the school team this fall because soccer every day was too much. ElvenTiger likes playing, but it’s never been her passion, just something fun to add to her other activities. This winter she’s going to be taking swim lessons – she’s a great self-taught swimmer, but wants to learn the various strokes. She wants to become a lifeguard when she’s old enough, too.

I’ve never been a sports person, and when the kids first started getting interested in team sports I was dreading having to watch all those games. Surprisingly, though, it’s been fun (for the most part) going to the games and cheering them on. And since I’m only there for the kids and supporting their enjoyment, it’s mystifying why some of the parents get so wound up about the games and scores! Amusing, though, most of the time. But I guess I’m a soccer Mom – the supportive kind, that is. At the end of each season I get a little sick of it, particularly all the driving we have to do for practices and games. So I’m glad to see this soccer season end, and perhaps just a wee bit sad that ElvenTiger is probably finished with it for good. On the other hand, it’ll be exciting seeing what cool things she does next, and I always enjoy watching Dryst play his various sports, pouring his heart and soul into it every time he’s on the field. Go team!

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