Calm in the Chaos

As you may be able to tell from yesterday’s post, we’re having a very busy October! Sometimes when I get into the midst of a busy time, I get stressed out about making sure to get everything done, and I don’t feel grounded. This time, though, at least so far, I’m feeling really great and enjoying just being part of the flow of events.

I think part of it is because I knew ahead of time that this was going to be a crazy time period, and prepared myself. We keep a Google calendar for our family, to keep track of all our events and appointments and plans. I look at October, packed full of stuff, and then flip to the November page and give a sigh of relief. Not that we won’t have things to do next month, but it’s certainly a bit calmer than this one, with more room to breathe. Another part of my calm is my recent transformation, the lessons I’ve been learning about how much better my life is when I go with the flow. Rather than worrying about the next moment, or hour, or day, I enjoy the present moment and let things unfold.

Perhaps because I’m not worried or anxious, things seem to be running smoothly, too. Yesterday morning I was supposed to go to a cake decorating class, but on Friday they called to say it was going to be postponed. So that gave me a chance to have a more relaxed morning, and center myself before jumping into the day. I’m feeling calm in the sometimes chaotic waters of daily life, and most importantly, I’m having fun.

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