Cake of the Month: October

This month, ElvenTiger, BlackLion, and I collaborated on the cake. This morning BlackLion and I baked a chocolate layer cake and a batch of pumpkin chocolate-chip cupcakes. Then I made some frosting, and ElvenTiger and I did the decorating for the Graveyard Cake. This creepy cake is for tonight’s Maine Wholeschoolers’ Halloween party. Here it is!

I also frosted the cupcakes, which are for tomorrow’s homeschool co-op Autumn Party. I didn’t color or decorate these because, with so many families in the co-op, there are lots of different food allergies and sensitivities. But I must say, they taste delicious. The frosting is a simple vanilla frosting. These are also dairy-free, although they do have eggs in them.

Happy Halloween!

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