Blogging for the Ballroom

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may know that this radical chick has a few kinda mainstream pleasures. One of them is watching Dancing With the Stars with my Mom. Yep, it’s a Monday night family tradition for us. Since we don’t have TV at our house, we go and watch with her, and we usually have dinner together first.

A lot of the celebrities aren’t that familiar to us since we don’t really keep up with all the pop culture stuff, but perhaps that means we’re better able to judge them for their dancing and for the way they act on the show itself. Also, Mom calls us each Tuesday night with the scoop, after she checks out the results show. I’m actually glad to miss the part where they make a big drama over who’s getting eliminated next. I think it would stress me out. Heh heh.

So, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the current dancers and their chances to win. Here goes:

David Arquette – He kind of creeped me out at first; I’m not sure why. But he’s got style and can perform the character of the dance quite well. He’s also gotten more confident with his dancing. I think he’s got good potential, if he keeps up the hard work. He actually was kind of handsome in his last couple of dances.

Chaz Bono – I’m glad the fans have kept him coming back thus far. As my Mom said, it’s good to see him stick around, to show the people who protest his presence on the show as a trans-gendered person that not everyone is a bigot. On the other hand, he can’t really dance very well, and the show is about dancing. He has shown some improvement, and I admire his courage and tenacity.

Nancy Grace – So far she’s shown herself to be an adequate dancer. She’s okay, but not great. Also, her aggressive attitude seems kind of negative – I guess that’s what she’s known for on her own show, but I’ve never seen it. It’s kind of off-putting to me.

Rob Kardashian – It’s been fun watching him learn to dance and gain self-confidence. I know really nothing about him, but I’ve watched him go from looking like an awkward kid to tonight’s dance, where he was sexy and powerful. He has great potential if he can keep up the good work.

Carson Kressley – He’s another dancer whose fans have kept him in the competition so far. He’s tremendous fun to watch, and is a natural entertainer. I don’t want him to go, but again, it’s really about the dancing, and he’s still rather awkward and missing a lot of steps, at a time when the competition is heating up. We’ll see.

Ricki Lake – She’s doing a wonderful job. I love the way she portrays the stories of the dance, and her technique is also high quality. I think she can make it to the top. She has, besides her own good qualities, two great things going for her: her partner is Derek, who I think is hands-down the best teacher and choreographer on the show, and she’s in love (she mentioned it in one of the episodes), which helps her shine even more than she might otherwise.

J.R. Martinez – He is an excellent dancer – tonight his dance was just top-notch. His story is really amazing, and I think since he found the will to overcome adversity (he was burned and injured severely in a war), he can do anything he puts his mind to. He’ll most likely be at least one of the top three, if not the winner of the competition.

Hope Solo – Athletes do really well on the show, and that’s because they make a living working with their bodies, like dancers. I think Hope’s doing a great job! She definitely has the potential to win. Her partner, Max, can be a sort of grouchy teacher, and tends to have some drama with his students (he’s the sexiest pro, in my opinion, but not the best teacher). But if they can overcome that, she can do very well.

There you have it, a very non-expert view of the ballroom from my parents’ living room!

Tell me what you think!

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