Aha! We’ve Figured You Out, Percy.

Several times each evening, Percy comes in, gets petted or perhaps has a few bites of food, and goes back out. We call him the “in and out cat.” Eventually he’ll (usually) come in for the night, and find a place to sleep on someone’s bed or in various other warm and cozy places.

This evening I had a headache. I’ve had a weird persistent cough, and today it seemed to be associated with an achy head and neck. I made some honey-mustard dipping sauce, got the sweet potato “fries” in the oven, and then asked Quester to take over the rest of the dinner preparations. I just had to lie down for a little while. He kindly agreed, and I went up to my room, snuggled up in my bed, and crashed for a while.

Part of the way through my little nap, Percy showed up. He purred and cuddled up close in one of those lovely cat circles. He and I slept a bit more. When ElvenTiger came to wake me up for dinner, she said that she and Quester had come up with a theory. Perhaps the reason Percy comes in and out so much is that he’s checking out what everyone is up to, and hoping he can get a good snuggle. So imagine his surprise and pleasure when he showed up at 6:30pm and his Mom-cat was already in bed. Come to think of it, he did seem a bit disappointed when I went down to eat. And he has since been out, and just came back in. Maybe I’ll go to bed early. You just don’t want to disappoint a stripey purring cat!

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