Ahhh, September

I love September. Even though we’re unschoolers, that back-to-school vibe in the air gets me feeling creative and productive. I’m making lists and checking them twice. I’m concocting ideas for new projects even as I try to keep up with the ones I already have on my plate. I join things, and say yes to events, and follow trains of thought that I might not, at other times of the year. Part of it, I think, is that it’s my birthday month, and that fills me with energy. I think we each have our own personal new year, beginning around the anniversary of our birth. My dear friend the astrologer has offered me a birthday reading, and I’m looking forward to it. I feel this will be a big year for me.

I’ve also started on a 30-day program of custom-designed affirmations. I’ll be passing along more information later, but my mission is to listen to these audio affirmations at least three times a day for 30 days, and see how my life transforms. I’m very psyched!

So, what else is happening in our lives? Well, both kids are heavily into soccer season. Practices have been going on for a while, and ElvenTiger had her first game this week. Dryst’s first game as a high school soccer player is today.

BlackLion and I went to Cape Cod this week, to drum for Dark Follies in the troupe’s first out-of-state gig. We were at the Cape Cod Festival of Magic, and had a fantastic time performing and hanging out with all kinds of cool creative folks, mostly magicians. It went really well. We made some new friends, and hope to be invited back for next year’s festival.

The kids are gearing up to focus on things that interest them this fall and winter: learning French, figuring out some more amateur magic tricks, diving into some new math concepts, sewing, exploring history, and of course reading. Because we’re not back to any kind of official school schedule, we’re also able to do stuff like this.

This weekend we’re visiting OceanMouse, who’s recovering from surgery, and bringing her lots of yummy goodies to eat. We’ll stock up her fridge and bring her a delivery of things to do as she heals (books, DVDs, and games). Oh, and probably go swimming in the ocean near her adorable cottage home. Then we’re going to come home and help a friend move. Along with laundry, writing, games, music, and all the other things we love. And hopefully some relaxing and recovering from the busy month of August.

Have a terrific weekend, and be sure to take the time to relax!

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