Summer Arrives With a Fanfare of Clouds and Sunshine

Every Winter Solstice, for many years now, I stay up all night and greet the Sun at dawn. This has become a tradition for us on the longest night of the year. This year, BlackLion and I decided to stay awake all day on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. I’m a confirmed night owl, so sunrise isn’t something I see very often. And when I do, I’m usually hustling off to do something else, like getting to the radio station in time to fund-raise during Morning Edition. So this was a special treat.

Merlin cat obliged me by waking me up at 4:30am. Apparently he and his brother also had plans to greet the emerging day. Out they went. Star-dog and I sat in the living room and enjoyed the birds’ songs and watched pink clouds through the windows. When BlackLion joined us, we went outside to the circle of oaks and soaked up the experience of dawn.

The clouds paraded by, their tops lit by the rising sun. The cats followed us, curious what we were up to. We could see the moon, high in the sky. The birds continued their serenade to the waking earth. A squirrel passed by, way up in the trees. We greeted the Summer in our own quiet way, and it was lovely.

Ideas for today, once the kids are up: strawberry picking, swimming, a picnic, and perhaps even a fire, later, when we begin to wind down with the longest day. Happy Summer Solstice!

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