Home Sweet Home

My Dad has a saying, “When you can’t pee in your front yard anymore, it’s time to move.” He and Mom have lived in the woods on a dirt road for years. Well, this morning I came up with the female equivalent of his saying – because I (and the women I know) have no desire to pee outside.

However, when I got dressed this morning, I realized that the pants I wanted to wear were still out on the clothesline. So I put on my underwear and bra and t-shirt, and walked out the back door to retrieve the rest of my wardrobe.

When I came back in, I told Quester that I loved living where a woman can go out to the clothesline in her underwear. After he pointed out that I *could* do that anywhere, I added the caveat, “safely and unobserved.” So, thus the addition to Dad’s axiom: “When you can’t go to the clothesline in your underwear, it’s time to move.”

I love it here in the country.


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