Busy Weekend

I haven’t done one of those “glimpse into the life of an unschool family” posts for a while, so I thought I’d share what we did on our busy weekend. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to go with the post, since I still haven’t picked up a new battery for my camera. But hopefully you’ll read it anyway…

Friday night Dryst took Quester and BlackLion to the movies (well, he made them drive, but he bought the tickets). He’d wanted to see the new racing movie, Fast Five. While they were out, ElvenTiger and I had some relaxed girl time. We played Skip-Bo, our favorite card game of late, and then watched a couple of episodes of Cake Boss on Netflix. Then we just hung out and read for a while.

On Saturday, after running some errands in the morning, we dropped ElvenTiger off with my Mom, who is the most wonderful Grammy ever. Then we went to Dryst’s first lacrosse game. We brought along a friend of ours, since we (the adults) were all going out that evening. Dryst had a game, then an hour off, then another game, and we’d planned for my Mom to come and be there for the second game (we didn’t want to just have her pick him up at the end, because, as Quester pointed out, of the risk of injury that lacrosse brings). Little did we know that during the break, while he was hanging out with the other kids on his team, he’d get hit with a lacrosse ball while practicing, and get a bloody nose! Murphy’s Law, I guess, that it happened while none of his family was there! But the coach was helpful, and Dryst is 14, so he handled it just fine. He’s got some bruising and his nose is sore, but not broken or anything. That’s why they have helmets during official practices and games! But he was just passing the ball around with some teammates, and didn’t expect to get bonked right in the face. Mom was shocked to see blood on his face when she arrived at the field! She stayed for the game and then both kids had dinner with she and Dad, and hung out with them for the evening.

So the adults of our tribe went out on Saturday night to a fun concert! We had given one our our friends a ticket for her birthday back in February, to go and see Dark Star Orchestra at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. It was an awesome show! DSO is a Grateful Dead tribute band who replicates (most splendidly!) particular Grateful Dead concerts from their many years of touring. I think it’s a really creative way to be a cover band, because the ‘Dead were known for their musical improvisation and a huge repertoire of songs. For those of you who are Deadheads or are curious, here’s a link to the show we saw. There were seven of us who went together, and we had a fabulous time dancing to two long sets of music. Fun fun fun! Ocean Mouse had us all over for cocktails and pizza before the show. She has such a wonderfully adorable house and gardens! We got home at 3am.

Today we went to the monthly family potluck, which was to be a cookout. It was raining, so we ate inside, but the host still ventured out to cook on the grill. We had veggie burgers (or meat for those who eat it), potato salad, and bean salad (that was what I made), plus appetizers and yummy desserts. ElvenTiger brought an umbrella and played outside in the rain, enjoying the gardens and the resident poultry: chickens and a peacock. It was fun to see the chickens just wandering through the yard, despite the downpour.

We came home and have been just relaxing this evening. BlackLion went off to hang out with Sash for some “Taco Time.” The rest of us had Mexican food for dinner. The kids are both playing a car racing game with Quester in the living room, and I’m catching up on my online reading and writing, since I hadn’t had much time for computer-ing for a couple of days. This looks like it’ll be a busy spring and summer! But filled with fun stuff. Life is good!

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