Happy Sunny Friday

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Maine. Not that warm, but breezy and sunny enough to get the clothes on the clothesline dry and smelling fresh. Today Dryst went to work with his Dad doing landscaping; they were both eager to spend the day outdoors. ElvenTiger, BlackLion and I, along with Star dog, went on a wonderful nature walk this afternoon, down along a nearby stream on a path that we hadn’t know about before. We found other paths and areas to explore in future walks, and had fun watching the stream burble along, merry in its Spring fullness. We talked about geology and fish and faeries and how dogs navigate by scent.

On the way back I found an old glass Pepsi bottle on some tree roots right by the stream, completely unharmed. That used to be my drink of choice when I was younger – up until I was 25, when I had a “Quarter Century Party” for my birthday and gave up my caffeine addiction. So it seemed like some kind of message. By the shape of it, it looks like a really old bottle. Not sure what the message is yet, but it was a cool treasure to discover.

Then we came home and visited next door at Aunt Peg’s, where they have an informal Friday afternoon knitting circle. Mom was there, and some friends of theirs, and there was much laughter and fun. At times like these, I’m so thankful for the relaxed schedule that unschooling allows us. ElvenTiger is still over there, knitting with and informally learning from her elders, who she absolutely loves to hang out with. Dryst is enjoying some Dad time as well as getting physical activity, learning useful skills, and making some spending money. No one has given them a test today, or made them write a paper, or stay indoors. But I have no doubt whatsoever that they’re learning, growing and expanding. Just a simple Friday, nothing unusual, but blessed, nonetheless.


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