The Elements, Part 3: Fire

The element of Fire lights the darkness of our outer and inner landscapes. It is in the faraway light of the stars, the life-giving warmth of our Sun, the Moon’s mystical reflection, the sudden flash of lightning, the friction of flint on steel, and the spark of passion in the belly. Fire’s direction is South and its time is summer at high noon. The colors of Fire are bright and vibrant: red, orange, yellow, gold.

We wouldn’t be here without Fire. The Sun brings us the warmth our bodies need, and feeds the plants that provide us with air to breathe and food to eat. The inner Fires of our amazing bodies allow us to digest and metabolize our food so we can fuel our physical existence. Since ancient times, Fire has been acknowledged in our myths as a sacred gift.

Fire is spiritual energy. Its heat brings us the things that fill our lives with joy. We feel desire for a beloved, expressing our love with passionate acts and sexual ardor. We are driven by our yearning to create, to bring to life something new and unique. We take pride in our contributions. We reach out for connection with All That Is, thrilling to our part in the divine dance of life. We smile and laugh, taking pleasure in the pure fiery energy of living.

When mishandled, Fire reminds us to respect its gifts. As individuals, we may fall into rage or obsession, burning with energies out of control. Those among us with fiery tempers are both admired and feared, sought out and avoided. Walking the hot coals of our inner Fire can require delicate balance. Around the globe, we feel the effects of our quest to harness Fire in the form of electricity and transportation without regard for the messes we leave behind. At the same time, we reap the benefits of technology, sharing new ideas and delivering humanitarian aid. Humanity is still in the early stages of learning to balance our use of Fire.

The tools of Fire are the fire-starters, that which we use to light a physical flame. This might be matches or a lighter, flint and steel, a magnifying glass to capture the Sun’s rays, or simpler tools like sticks and string. We use our skill and will to spark the blaze that will keep us warm, light our way, and remind us of the potent powers of Fire.


The Elements, Part 3: Fire — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this <3 It has been a nice revisit to fire, reading this, and breathing in east energy <3 It's been really hot here the past few days with another scorcher today on the horizon, it seems. Good yummy fire energy <3 I always think of myself in terms of water, but I see more fire in me today than before <3


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