Following the Muse

Winter isn’t my favorite season. I don’t hate it – I love the beauty of all the seasons, and I do appreciate living in a climate where the changes are so dramatic. But to be honest, when it’s really cold and wet and snowy, I understand the appeal of hibernation.

I used to feel guilty about wanting to stay home and relax more than usual in the depths of winter. I tried to force myself to be as active as I am in the fall, when my energy is at its peak. When I worked a full week outside the home it was even more pronounced, because in the evenings and on weekends I didn’t want to do anything other than curl up with a book. Now that I work for myself, I have a much more flexible schedule. And I’m also more kind to myself, leaving plenty of room for the lulls.

My word of the year is CREATE, and so far I’ve been honoring my need for quiet and relaxation. Even so, I’ve been creating quite a bit, simply by following the muse wherever it leads. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you can probably see what I mean – lately my posts have been inspired mainly by reading other blogs, or from inspiring quotes I find.

What else have I been up to? The necessity of feeding my family means I’ve come up with some new recipes. I really enjoy cooking, and since I get bored making the same meals again and again, I’ve been having fun with creating new ones. I’ve been working on an e-book for Feline Dreamers, about how to develop a daily spiritual practice, which has been fun (and I realized I’ve been doing my daily spiritual practice for over 13 years, holy cat!). I made some Valentines for my loved ones. BlackLion and I sat down the other day and planned our vegetable garden – we ordered some asparagus, which we haven’t planted before. I’m working on a new web page for my Reiki business. I joined a new book club which is just starting up, and was delighted with the book choices that everyone proposed. Our first book is Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes. I can’t wait for the first group discussion!

I’ve also been creative in my spirituality. I’ve been working more closely with the moon phases, and have been utilizing those energies to release some old blockages and to encourage new inner growth. My daily journal writing practice is giving me SO many gifts of insight. My dreams have also delivered multiple treasures lately. I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve realized that creativity extends to each and every portion of my life. Even the naps.

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