Yes, It’s Still Winter

These Maine winters can be, well, long. I mean, it’s only the end of January, and we’ll probably have snow at least through early April. Think about it. I’m already tired of the cold. The appeal has even worn thin for ElvenTiger, who loves snow. Every day lately, it’s been either very bitterly cold, or actually snowing. This afternoon, though, the sun is shining and the snow on the trees looks incredibly beautiful. As a friend said, it’s more fun to have a “real Maine winter” than a snow-less, brown and dreary landscape. I agree.

What have we been up to? Well, let’s see. Here’s a sampling of our indoor projects for the cold and snowy days: making origami animals, creating new Indian food recipes, reading to each other, baking, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though Dryst prefers Family Guy…which I just don’t find funny at all), having sleepovers with friends, chatting, playing Webkinz (yes, even the adults), having pillow fights in the living room, playing board and card games, sleeping late, and playing with the (rather bored) cats. Dryst wants to learn Spanish. ElvenTiger hosted the girls’ book club on Tuesday. BlackLion and I interviewed one of our young unschooly friends, AresRules, for our PawedCats Podcast. We’re also writing a new e-book. Quester has been busy working and snow-blowing. This weekend it’s our turn to host the monthly family potluck. The theme this time is A Warming Winter Brunch.

Each Wednesday we have homeschool group, and even though it has snowed the past three Wednesdays in a row, we’ve ventured out anyway. We’ve got the trusty Subaru, and the other families seem to agree that it’s worthwhile braving the weather to hang out with our friends. Last night we had enchiladas, played Zombie dice, talked about a wide variety of subjects, the boys played X-Box together, and the girls went to the mall (to give some fashion advice to one of their tribe who wanted to get some clothes with her birthday money).

So, we’ve been keeping busy and having fun. And, of course, dreaming of spring. I’m off to curl up in the sunlight with a book. Meow!

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