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Last fall we bought a big computer monitor-style TV from our friend Sash – it’s hooked up to a computer, not cable or anything like that. But we can watch DVDs and Netflix on it, so it works well for family movie nights. Since we’re still in the depths of winter (*tiny sob*), we’ve been curled up on the couch with some popcorn lately, watching movies and some TV series. Here are a few of our recent favorites.

– Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You may be surprised to hear, if you know how much I like fantasy and sci-fi, that I had never watched any of these shows until last year. I didn’t have TV when they came out, and the ultra-useful Netflix hadn’t yet been invented. BlackLion is a huge Buffy fan, and now he’s got ElvenTiger and I hooked. We’re in the middle of the third season, and loving it. This is an awesome and amazing series. Wow. Funny, touching, scary, smart, and addictive.

– Corinna, Corinna. ElvenTiger and I watched this with a friend just last night. Whoopi Goldberg plays the lead, and she’s terrific as always. I loved the story. It sparked great discussions about the social mores of the 1950s. Very good film.

– The Secret Garden. ElvenTiger read the book for her book club, and she watched the modern movie version and enjoyed it. We watched the old BBC movie version together, and I thought it was well done. I loved the book when I was a kid. ElvenTiger said she liked the newer version of the movie better, but she did appreciate how the BBC one seemed “more old-fashioned.”

– Dirty Dancing. After enjoying watching Jennifer Grey win “Dancing With the Stars” with my Mom, we decided to get this classic 80s film. It’s one of my favorites. The kids liked it, even Dryst, and it showed them another glimpse of American history and culture. It makes me cry, too, every time.

– Physics: The Elegant Universe and Beyond. Brian Greene hosts this series which explores quantum mechanics and string theory. It’s really well done, and explains concepts in a clear way that all of us can understand. A fun way to delve into abstract science.

– Family Guy. Okay, I admit I don’t get this one. I really don’t find it funny. But I thought I should share some stuff that Dryst has been enjoying. It cracks him up. Several of his friends love it, too. And I can see the appeal – the show makes fun of, thus acknowledging, all the taboo subjects that usually remain hidden in our culture.

– Wizards of Waverly Place. The kids both like some of these “teen sitcom” shows. Again, not something I sit and watch with them, but I’ve seen enough to get the idea. Seems formulaic to me, but I think they’re really checking out the teen scene. And this one has magic, so hey, that’s cool, right?

– Psych. Another series that Dryst found and is enjoying. It’s a crime drama, so again, not my thing. But the premise is based on the photographic memory of the main character, which is so unbelievable to most people that instead of explaining it, he pretends to be psychic. Pretty funny. And again, a catalyst for diverse conversations around the homestead.

– Eat, Pray, Love. Definitely too “girly” for Dryst, but ElvenTiger, my Mom, and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as in-depth as the book, which I enjoyed quite a bit, but that’s to be expected with movies. We liked it and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes “chick flicks” (which BlackLion does, so you don’t have to be a girl!).


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  1. I love love love the Secret Garden and Dirty Dancing is a classic. I can’t stand Family Guy, too mean for me, reminds me of the Office which i can’t stand either. Mean spirited.

    I’m curious what your review of Eat,Pray,Love will be, i really liked it., surprisingly.


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