The Temperance card in Tarot is about moderation and finding the balance as you travel along your life’s path. It describes the merging of two opposites, such as the material and spiritual realms, into a unified whole. The figure on the card, often an angel or other guide, stands with one foot in each world, and shows us how to achieve harmony between them.

The card reminds me of the work I’ve been doing recently. After a very busy September and October, I purposefully set aside the time between Samhain (Halloween) and Winter Solstice as a time of introspection and contemplation. It’s been going wonderfully well. I’ve been able to balance work with rest, socializing with solitude, and family time with work on individual projects.

The most positive work I’ve been doing is the expansion of my daily spiritual practices. I’ve added a three-page daily journal writing practice each morning, which has been helpful with my other writing work, as well as my ability to stay more centered and focused. I’ve also integrated some exercises from the Iron Pentacle workshop I took in early November with some techniques I’ve been studying in Seth and Abraham books.

All in all, I feel empowered. I’m don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by cutting back on social events, because I’m choosing carefully the ones that I really want to attend. I’m conscious of making sure the kids are getting what they need in terms of time with their friends, and helping them with their projects and pursuits. Family life is going well, and my work is progressing as planned. I think I’m onto something with this moderation thing! And I’ve also got plans in mind for an e-book about starting and maintaining a daily spiritual practice, so stay tuned if that intrigues you.

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