More Cake of the Month (Seconds, Anyone?)

I decided to go ahead with the Cake of the Month project. ElvenTiger gets the first cake, since her birthday is in January. She wants some kind of layer cake with chocolate and caramel. So I’m on the hunt for good recipes.

BlackLion thought I meant that I’d be creating recipes for the cakes myself, which is certainly an option. I love taking a few different recipes and altering them to make my own unique creation. And then, of course, I could publish my versions.

Today at the Christmas Tree Shop, I saw a bunch of really cool-looking cake stands at reasonable prices. I was shopping for gifts today, but at some point I may go back and get one or two, just for this project. After all, I want the cakes to look pretty when I share photos of them!

Within the next few days, I’ll post my annual goals list for 2010. I’m also doing Christine Kane’s Word of the Year this time, so my goals will be centered around the central theme of the word I’ve chosen. I won’t tell you my word now (suspense!) because I want to share it when I post the goals.

If anyone has suggestions for types of cakes, leave a comment. And yes, of course I’ll share the yummy results!

Tell me what you think!

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