More Lynx

I mean, links, although of course lynx are beautiful creatures. :)

Here are links to three blog posts I’ve enjoyed recently. I admit that I’m being lazy by posting them rather than writing my own, but hey, so what? Life calls. Today I’m making lasagna for Quester’s birthday dinner, cleaning the house, soccer practice (of course), and various other things. By the way, my sweet Subaru is ill again, so send her some healing vibes. She’ll be back, after a stay at the car hospital, with a new transmission to add to her new engine.

Without further ado, I give you:

An article for those who prefer online communication to phone calls (although being there in person is still best):

How to be a good friend (something I totally need work on):

And why we should admit we’re not perfect:

Let me know what you think! Now back to my regularly-scheduled, imperfect, fun, and blessedly incomplete life.

Tell me what you think!

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