Full Moon Magick

Last night we participated in a global cleansing ritual, thanks to my friend Aurora over at Wiccan Life. She wrote and posted a ritual to help heal the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Since I don’t currently have the resources to donate money to help with the cleanup, or go there and volunteer myself, I thought this would be a good way to get involved. BlackLion and the kids joined me in this lovely Full Moon magick.

Here’s a picture of the altar we set up:

ElvenTiger cast the circle by blowing bubbles around the perimeter of our space. We mostly stuck to the ritual as written, although we did add some drumming during the energy-raising part.

After we were done, we went outside and frolicked under the moon’s lovely light. The clouds parted enough to see the orangey moon, and it was so warm and gorgeous out! We saw fireflies, and bats, and heard the frogs singing. Earlier in the evening, ElvenTiger and I had gone out to blow bubbles for the cats, who were relaxing under a big fir tree, where they like to hide and watch the birds.

We had also hosted a family potluck, which was a lot of fun! One of the attendees brought the bubble stuff. The theme was International Cuisine, and we got to sample all kinds of delicious foods. We made two Indian entrees, chana masala and samosa curry, and also a big batch of fresh salsa. There were Italian drinks and appetizers, Caribbean punch, taco salad, smoked Swiss cheese and French bread, lots of fruit, and more. Dessert was tiramisu and Mexican chocolate cake. Yum!

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