Renaissance Woman

You may have heard the term “Renaissance Man,” applied to someone who dabbles in many different pursuits. While there is certainly something to be said for those who apply themselves to one skill and become a master at it, I am more of a “Renaissance Woman,” myself. Life is fascinating, with so many different things to learn and practice. I enjoy exploring a variety of hobbies and activities.

Even in my previous career in public broadcasting, my job evolved gradually, such that I was doing many different tasks each week. Now, as a self-employed homeschooling Mom, my schedule is very flexible. On any given day, I might be working on one of my writing projects, learning about investing, doing math with Dryst, riding bikes with the family, doing an art project with ElvenTiger, gardening, reading about quantum physics…and of course there is the ever-present housework.

Of course, the challenge of pursuing this lifestyle is that of “getting things done.” If I was focused exclusively on finishing my book of essays on Pagan living, it would probably be done and sent off to the publishers. But I prefer to find balance in each moment, day by day, because I’ve learned that the process is what’s most important to me. In projects, as in life, I prefer to enjoy the journey rather than worry about the results. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals, and complete tasks. It does mean, though, that I’m focusing on being joyful no matter what I’m doing in each moment.


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  1. just looking thru your blogs you like… you have “Do Life Right” on there. lol that was my dd’s girl scout troop leader back in tucson! lol small world.


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