Spring Has Sprung!

Despite today’s slightly cooler weather, the sun is out and Spring is definitely in the air. I’ve been getting out for walks almost every day (except when it’s pouring rain – I just don’t like the feeling of soggy wet clothing, ick!). It’s too soon to do much in the garden, but we’re making some plans. We need to wait until the lower half of the garden has absorbed the standing water still there from the past couple of heavy rainstorms, but then maybe we can plant some greens.

The kids have been spending more time outside, too. Dryst has his lacrosse stick out and is doing some practicing. Sign-ups are this weekend, and the season starts in mid-April. In the meantime, he’s finishing up his indoor soccer season, with games every Saturday. He’s started a brand-new blog, called Gameophyle, which will be unveiled next week. He’s doing a presentation on it for our homeschool group’s Midyear Review. I’ll post some information about it here when it’s officially unveiled.

ElvenTiger is very busy with the end of her basketball season. She has the last of the regular-season games tonight, then a weekend tournament and more than a week of playoffs. She scored her first basket of the season this week! She’s on a 5th and 6th grade team, so the older girls are usually the star players, but she played in a tournament where they split the kids up by age, and was able to score. She’s also writing songs, one of which she’ll be performing at the Midyear Review. ElvenTiger has been taking walks with me, and also building faerie houses in the yard.

The work on Feline Dreamers, our business, is moving along well. We met with our artist friend to finalize the artwork for the website yesterday, and are working with our web designer. We’re currently writing an e-book, to be offered for free when we launch the site. We’ll also have a weekly e-zine available to those who wish to sign up.

I guess that’s all the Spring news for now. I’m off to do some laundry, to be hung out on the line so it can absorb the sunlight and wind.

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