March Madness

I have an interesting and challenging relationship with the month of March. I thought it was just me, but recently there was a post on one of my homeschooling e-lists about this very thing. I guess I’m not the only one who finds it difficult to make it through that last little bit of winter, until it’s time to plant gardens, go for hikes, and do other warm-weather activities.

The transition from summer to fall is much easier for me. I was born in September, and love the harvest months and the slow progression toward winter. But for some reason, the crawl from winter to spring leaves me feeling tired and dull. I came up with a metaphor for it: I’m a night owl. I love to be up at night, doing creative things, and sleep in the next morning. Spring is like the morning part of the year. I feel groggy and disoriented at first. Can’t I just sleep until June?

This March, at least, it seems a bit easier to get outside, as there’s less snow and cold (at least thus far). I’ve been out for walks for the past few days in row, which has helped lift my spirits, both from the exercise and the connection with Nature. And I do have some good books to keep me company as I snuggle in and wait for my own energies to pick up on the feeling of spring.

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