Blog Renovation Thoughts

I’m going to be doing some updates to this blog pretty soon. First, I’m moving it over to live on the Feline Dreamers website, as part of the redesign and updates we’re doing there. As part of that process, I thought I’d update the look of the blog and also add some different types of content.

Over on the sidebar, I currently have a “What I’m Reading” section where I’m able to do little mini book reviews. As an avid reader, I thought it might be fun to add full-length book reviews as part of the blog. I could do one each week, or every other week. What do you think? The types of books I read most often are: fantasy and sci fi, modern novels, young adult fiction (with the kids), books on spirituality (Paganism, Eastern philosophy, self-help, etc.) and homeschooling, some classic literature, and a smattering of other stuff that randomly grabs my attention. Would you, O Faithful Blog Reader, be interested in a regular book review post from me?

I’ve also wanted to include more pictures, though for some reason the whole process of getting pictures from my digital camera into the laptop and posted up on the web seems to always take at least twice as long as I think it should. Maybe I can somehow streamline the process, and thus have more incentive to get photos posted.

If you have any other ideas about what you’d like to see here, please let me know!


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