Invoking My Bliss

When I dive inside
To seek my bliss,
I’m pleased to find it
Coming easily to my seeking hand.
A familiar feel,
Like a smooth stone,
A cat rubbing his face against mine
Purring in joyous greeting.
My joy is vast, bubbling up,
Overflowing with laughter,
Wild dancing,
Delicious stretch,
Deep inhalation.
A round red apple,
Tart and juicy
As I pierce the skin.
The scent of lavender and spice
Lingering on the air.
The feel of pen on paper.
Released, my bliss
Relaxes into the space
Around me, soft and cozy
Like my favorite shawl.

I wrote this poem in the fall of 2008, when I was on a yoga retreat which focused on exploring bliss. Just found it today in a journal and thought it was a nice reminder. What’s your bliss like?

Tell me what you think!

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